Accepting immigrant rape

Right-wing opponents of immigration in Europe repeatedly refer to the rape of white women by immigrants, and especially by Muslim immigrants. They do so both to express their fears, and to justify their policies and demands. Sometimes those demands are articulated by populist parties, but those parties did not invent or impose concern about immigrant rape.

‘White’ means in this context the traditional ethnic majority in each country – ethnic Swedes in Sweden, ethnic Danes in Denmark, and so on. Complaints about immigrant rape imply that a woman from that group has been raped by an immigrant, and also imply that such a rape differs from rape within that ethnic group. It is assumed to be worse, and sometimes an explanation is given for that claim – namely that it is part of a strategy to target ‘white’ women, and the ‘white’ ethnic group.

In his manifesto 2083, Anders Behring Breivik refers many times to immigrant rape, and his belief that it is part of a wider pattern. (Much of the manifesto is copy-pasted from anti-Islam blogs, and it is not always clear what was written by Breivik himself).

Britons whose teenage daughters are being sexually abused and gang raped by various races who hate whites. These are the expendable indigenous Britons, an unequal underclass who are living the nightmare reality of Multiculturalism that was imposed upon them without their consent and who know precisely what the benefits of enrichment and diversity truly are. …Such Britons are the lab-rats of the Marxist-Multicultural social experiment.

… the number of rape charges in Sweden has quadrupled in just above twenty years. Rape cases involving children under the age of 15 are six times as common today as they were a generation ago. Resident aliens from Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia dominate the group of rape suspects. Lawyer Ann Christine Hjelm, who has investigated violent crimes in one court, found that 85 per cent of the convicted rapists were born on foreign soil or by foreign parents. Swedish politicians want to continue Muslim immigration because it boosts the economy, yet the evidence so far indicates that it mainly boosts the number of gang rapes.

These Muslim perpetrators view Europe as “dar-al-Harb” (house of war), as taught in the Quran. As such, the exploitation and pillaging of European resources and people is the divine right of all Muslims. A kafr/infidel is an individual regarded as human garbage to a devout Muslim, a second class citizen. The Muslims therefore takes advantage of their Allah-given prerogative to rape, kill and steal from Europeans as they view this as the spoils of war.

The incidence of rapes carried out by Muslim men in Norway against non-Muslim women is many times higher than rapes by non-Muslim men. The rape frequency in e g Oslo per capita is said to more than five times higher than in New York City. And two thirds of these rapes are committed by immigrants even though they still constitute a rather small part of society.

In Brussels, Belgium, gangs of Muslim immigrants harass the natives on a daily basis. We have had several recent cases where native girls have been gang raped by immigrants in the heart of the EU capital,

The vast majority of racism and racist violence comes from non-whites against whites, or between different groups of nonwhites. In Oslo, young girls are raped; schoolchildren are threatened with death, robbed and assaulted.

… a 17-year-old Somalian was convicted of the rape of a young girl in Oslo. The court stated that the rape was unusually brutal and lasted for several hours. The man choked the girl for so long that the medical doctor who examined her said that she could have died. The girl suffers from severe psychological problems in the aftermath of the attack. The African youth was sentenced to four and half years in prison. This sentence included another rape, where his Norwegian-Moroccan friend raped a 13-year old girl whilst the Somalian helped to threaten her and keep guard. She has naturally been traumatised from the incident. Numerous natives have had their lives ruined by similar attacks, yet anti-white racism is rarely mentioned as a problem by the mainstream media.

In more and more cities across the continent, non-Muslims are being harassed, robbed, mugged, raped, stabbed and even killed by Muslims. Native Europeans are slowly becoming second-rate citizens in their own countries.

Filmmaker Pierre Rehov tells how a friend of his is a retired chief of police who used to be in charge of the security of a major city in the south of France. According to him, 80% of the rapes in the area were made by Muslim young men. In most cases, the parents would not understand why they would be arrested. The only evil those parents would see, genuinely, was the temptation that the male children had to face from infidel women.

Breiviks references are mainly to Scandinavia, but the theme of Muslim immigrant rape is prominent in the online anti-Islam community, all over Europe. There is a blog (#RapeJihad) dedicated to listing Muslim rapes in the UK, with an interactive map of rapes by Muslim taxi drivers. There are videos on the issue such as this US comment on Muslim rapes in Britain: Sacrificing Our Daughters: On the Psychology of Islamic Rape-Gangs

Some videos on immigrant rape simply add comments to mainstream news reports, such as this one on Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims.

The 1500 comments under these two videos are worth reading. It is hard to deny that some people are angry about the issue:

I want all muslims out of my country. Would it happen any time soon, no? We have a right to our country. To keep it safe from ridiculous child raping , hate promoting cultures. Like the cult of islam.

There is an easy solution to this problem….put these fuckin’ outsiders on a plane/boat back to their countries. Europe, don’t fall for the guilt accusations. You are not responsible for these people.

95% of rapes in Norway are done by Muslim men. They rape any woman without their hijab and if they refuse they get killed. And they also make them prostittutes by force.

Statistics on immigrant rape are quoted repeatedly. Breivik’s manifesto even includes a table of Muslim rapes in Europe, with projections up to 2020.


Needless to say the figures are invented, and it is easy to dismiss the recurrent claims of rape as an obsession without foundation. That is the standard response of mainstream parties – they ignore and dismiss the issue.

That is their general response to the rise of xenophobic, anti-Islam populism in Europe: ignore the issues, and hope populism will go away. Where that political strategy has been applied, it has failed, and there is no reason to think it will ever work. Political and media elites in Europe need to recognise the concerns of a section of the population, and respond to them. The state must formulate policy on such issues.

In the case of immigrant rape, the facts are clear. Immigrants do rape women. They do rape ‘white’ women. Whether the victim experiences that as worse than rape within her ethnic group, is for the victim herself to decide. Similarly, it is for white women to decide whether they fear rape by an immigrant (especially a Muslim), more than rape by a white man. It is for opponents of immigration to decide whether they abhor immigrant rape.

The state and the political elites must recognise, that immigrant rape exists because of immigration. It is simply a consequence of the number of immigrants, and the general prevalence of rape. Equally, if there were no immigrants, there would be no immigrant rape. The political elites must also recognise, that the state can not entirely prevent rape in western European societies, only reduce its incidence.

There is a simple strategy to end immigrant rape: stop immigration and deport all immigrants. If that is not done, then immigrant rape will continue. European political elites need to state these options clearly, to opponents of immigration, and to the population as a whole.

They also need to state clearly that they will not stop immigration, nor deport all immigrants. Such a confrontational approach is a horror for professional politicians, and the police and security services would oppose it. They would fear unrest, and they are probably right. Nevertheless, clarity and confrontation are a rational response to the present political impasse in western Europe – where populist themes dominate politics, but populist movements cannot implement their preferred policies. Pretending that immigrant rape does not exist, or that no-one is angry about it, is not a solution.

Immigration has harmful effects, but immigration is historically necessary, and mass deportations would also seriously harm tens of millions of people. Governments must not only concede that immigrant rape exists, they must explicitly state that it can not override immigration policy. Opponents of immigration see immigrant rape as a moral absolute, and governments must tell them that it is not. The state is not obliged give ‘ending immigrant rape’ priority over all other goals.

Obviously, there is a conflict of values here. A section of the population does think that the harmful effects of immigration oblige the state to prevent immigration. The political elites should concede the existence of that conflict of values, and formulate policies for that section of the population. In the case of immigrant rape, that implies policy to protect those who fear it, and that in turn implies separation. Innovative forms of ideological and gender segregation are one response to the issue. If women fear rape by Muslim taxi-drivers,for instance, then women-only taxis offer protection. Ironically, several pioneering women’s taxi services are in Muslim countries.

Condemnation of the principle of segregation is not a valid objection to such policies. Nation-states are already segregated by nationality: that is what they were designed to do. At the same time, they strive for internal homogeneity and unity. That works much of the time, but issues such as immigrant rape show that deep divisions are present under the surface. The national political elites seek to maintain the fiction of national unity, and that is one reason for their evasive attitudes to divisive issues. Nevertheless the divisions are there, and it is moral and rational for the state to address them.

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