Preserving the White Race

If people want to preserve the White Race, why stop them? People preserve steam locomotives and historic cements, so why not a race? For white nationalists have got it right about the white race: it is going the way of the steam locomotive. Intercontinental migration is eroding the precondition for all racial difference, namely the relative isolation of human populations on different continents. There probably won’t be many whites left in 200 years time, and almost certainly none in 2000 years time.

Preservation of the white race requires a definition of ‘white’ as it applies to current populations, and a definition of the target white race to be preserved. These do not necessarily coincide exactly. On present technology, only selective breeding (eugenics) can generate a target population with specific desired characteristics. How to achieve the target population at some future date is a specialized issue for geneticists, but in any case it requires an initial selection of a population, and possibly selective control of their offspring.

Almost certainly it won’t work by taking self-selected ‘white people’ and letting them mate with each other. They might look white, but their DNA is probably not be as ‘white’ as they think. Their genetic material might have nothing to contribute to a future specified white population – indeed they might have genetic defects. Geneticists, not white nationalists, would select the initial participants for any eugenics projects. Some people will be disappointed. Equally, the best candidates (genetically speaking) may have no interest in preserving the white race. So assuming there is no coercion, even starting a preservation project is difficult.

If it gets started, the problem is maintaining the project over the required time frame, which would typically be several generations. The initial participants may have to conform to procedures set by the geneticists, including use of IVF, donor sperm, and surrogate mothers. They may have to use repeated selective abortions, to ensure the right characteristics for their children.

The project must ensure that those children also participate, when they become adults. They must also selectively breed with each other, and with new participants. Again they will have to do what the geneticists say – and again they might have no interest in preserving the white race anyway. If some drop out the project might still work, but if they all drop out, it will have to start again. With small numbers and without coercion, the project risks failure at the second generation. With each succeeding generation, the chance that the children will share their parents white-nationalist motivation gets smaller.

It seems that such a project can only work with a large initial volunteer population – perhaps several million – or through state coercion. Even aside from the ethical issues, there is no guarantee that a totalitarian white nationalist state could be established, let alone maintained for generations.

Deliberate preservation of the white race seems improbable using existing technology. Although DNA tests make it easier, it is still in essence selective breeding – a technology which is thousands of years old.

New eugenics

New technology will change all that, and probably within decades. Genetic modification will break the link between biological parent and child. It will be possible to enhance characteristics of offspring, and at some point to fully specify them. White nationalists will be able to have pure white flaxen-haired Aryan children: it will be a matter of consumer choice. However there is no guarantee, that the average parent-consumer will actually want flaxen-haired Aryan children. They might go out of fashion: consumers are fickle. Or they might be popular with the wrong people: when designer babies are available, Africans can also have flaxen-haired Aryan children. So can Jews. Even if the children’s DNA and appearance say ‘Aryan’, that is probably not the White Race, as white nationalists had imagined it.

The general conclusion is that those who seek to “preserve the White Race” are deluding themselves. They do not in fact have the means to do so, even if they believe otherwise. Their actions are not contributing to their stated goal. Nevertheless, if those actions do not harm third parties, there seems to be no reason to stop them. It is certainly pointless, to lecture white nationalists about the virtues of multiculturalism.

So if white nationalists want to create whites-only enclaves, and have white children with each other, why not let them? Especially if that happens in remote or sparsely populated regions, where few neighbors are affected. Whether they are in fact saving or preserving anything is irrelevant. They would create a society structured by their values, as other political communities also seek to do. It is a utopian project, and does not require suppression on moral grounds, even if others find its values abhorrent.